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  • Capital Band of the Month: COBWEB

    August 18, 2012

    Divesh Mulmi - Vocal / Lead Guitar

    Sunil Shakya - Vocal / Guitar
    Nilesh Joshi - Bass
    Siddartha Dhakhwa - Back Vocal / Drum
    Patan, Kathmandu
    "Cobweb" Band is one of the most popular bands in the Nepalese Music Industry. They are well known for the pop and rock music. The band was formed in  1992 by Dibesh and Mahesh. Before forming this band, they were in the "Riser" band. They were influenced by the English bands like Beatles, Led zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Rolling Stones, AC/DC and many others.
    This band mostly focused on the live concerts while making the music videos because they think that their fans and people can directly interact with their music and their performance. They are mostly popular by the songs like "Mercedez Benz", "Pret Ko Nasha", "Maryo Ni Maryo" etc. Those songs are categorized as the pop and rock music in the Nepalese Music Industry. Mostly the teenagers and the youths are their fans as they love the pop and rock music.
    Most of their music videos are related with  their  performance and that seems real. Their first music video was "Maryo Ni Maryo" which was made by the Image Channel. It  was also awarded as best music video made in the year and the director of the music video was Sahendra Shrestha. Similarly, their other music videos released are " Preet Ko Nasha", "Mercedes Benz Ma" etc. 
    At present, the new song "Namaste" is the most popular.  It has got the video too.  This song is released after many years of their extinction. It is said that they were involved in the making their own music school and teaching the music in the music school in their hometown named "Patan" during their extinction. They teached in many categories like bass, lead, vocal, keyboard, drum and many others. Many people go to their school for getting the knowledge about music. However,  they have returned back with their songs "Namaste" to uplift  importance of the Nepalese music in the 2010. These movements of the Cobweb have helped to uplift the condition of the Music Industry in Nepal. 
    They are popular inside and outside the Kathmandu Valley. They are too popular and respected outside Nepal where abroaded Nepalese people love the Nepalese pop and rock music. They have traveled different places in Nepal like Hetauda, Pokhara, Kathmandu, Jhapa, Dharan, Biratnagar, Kathmandu and abroad like Hong Kong for their concerts.
     Some Members of Cobweb like Dipesh Mulmi and Siddhartha Dhakwa are also related with the recording studio. They also work as music arranger and compose music and lyrics for newcomers. Since they have released their five albums , they are also working for their another.
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