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    September 22, 2014

    "I Painted it white"

    I Painted It White is a three man band from the country of Great Himalayas, Nepal. The members Prabal Shrestha "Vocalist / Guitars" (29th August 1993) and Steven Tamang "Lead Guitars / Sound Engineer" (19th November 1992), they go way back. They used to meet each other on church occasions as kids. But it was only when they got enrolled in the same school while in grade 7 that they actually started hanging out.

    After finding out how both of them had a mutual passion for music they started playing together. That was when the "unofficial" I Painted It White was formed. The "band" went through different drastic changes from the people they've played with and everyone involved. The name "I Painted It White" did not surface till later at around 2010. It reflects their Christian faith and how "God has transformed their lives". Both the members after graduating from school met new people that would shape the band more. This was when they did their first concert.

    Binaya Man Amatya "Bassist / Sound Engineer" (21th January, 1990) came into the picture then and this was before the name "I Painted It White". They played together in a worship band in a youth group "The Eleventh Hour". "Kasto Shakti (2010)" was the first ever recorded original by them as a band.


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